Car Buying Made Easy

Japan’s exporter of used vehicles with over 10 years of experience.

We cover the whole range of vehicles, from mini cars to special equipment.
Onteco is firmly against illegal practices which compromise the rights of consumers. We make sure that our consumers avoid odometer tampering on Japanese car imports. Cars with genuine mileage only.
We provide access to thousands of vehicles while offering the most competitive prices in both commission and logistics.

Onteco is a specialized company in vehicle procurement, export logistics, worldwide shipping and dismantling.

With over 10 years of experience, Onteco offers the possibility for its customers to purchase and import their desired cars directly from Japan without intermediates.

Through our website clients from all over the world can purchase any used vehicle from Japan. Our team can also consult you on local customs requirements and the least expensive way for you to import a particular vehicle.

Over the years, Onteco has expanded its specter of services to make the buying process a pleasant experience.

Onteco created an unmatched service that now include:
- Used Cars and Special Equipment Auction Services
- Car Dismantling Services
- Container Loading & Shipping Services
- Yahoo&Rakuten Proxy Shopping Service
- Land Freight Services within Japan
- Free Car Storage Service (own land property used as parking lots)
- Worldwide Shipping of Used cars and Special Equipment
- Custom Clearance Service

All services above are offered exclusively by our company, which excludes any intermediates and significantly reduces your costs. Storage and dismantling of the vehicles are carried out on its own protected base of Onteco in the city of Toyama. Dismantling is performed by experienced engineers in a special, fully equipped boxing area.

Why choose us?

Onteco has accumulated extensive experience with all auction sites in Japan. We are honest and transparent in all business communications. Onteco has established business relations with the customs authorities as well as with carriers directly in Japan without intermediaries. Our cargo is in priority for shipment and under special control, which minimizes delivery times and transportation risks.

Onteco leads the way in offering personalized service to the customers. We provide our clients with qualified advice on choosing a car and all the necessary information - an accurate translation of the auction sheet, a photo inventory of the car in the port, the timing of dispatch, arrival to a destination country.

Business relationship with Onteco is a complete package of services that most companies on the market cannot offer.